Custom Project Design Process

We use the following project planning process to craft a project that is tailored 100% to your design tastes and fits in your budget.

Step 1.

The first step in purchasing custom cabinetry for your home, is to stop in at our showroom and gain
inspiration by what you see on display, or if you already have an idea of what you would like,to present that
idea to us, so our designers can draw something up for you. You are welcome to bring items such as paint
samples, pictures, ect. along to help you make your decisions. It is also very helpful if you provide us with
some basic dimensions of any room that needs cabinets. Sometimes depending on the complexity of the
project, we will come out to your house to gain a better understanding of what you have in mind, so we can
give a more accurate estimate.

Step 2.

Once our designers have drawn up a cabinet layout, we will contact you and typically email a cabinet
drawing layout, and the estimated cost of the project. We are more than happy to
provide a couple of different options to best fit your space and accommodate budgetary needs. You are
also more than welcome to stop in at our showroom and discuss your project more in depth.This is the time
to make any changes you might have to the drawing.

Step 3.

This is where all measurements are finalized, wood species picked out, door style chosen, colors decided
on, cabinet hardware (knobs, pulls) are picked out,ect. To put your name on our work order, we require a
50% deposit of the total cost. Once your job is on the work order, we will put together shop prints,
generate material lists, and get all necessary products ordered. This is the final step before actually
building your cabinets. Lead times vary with our work schedule, but once your job hits the shop floor, it’s
typically 7 to 12 days depending on the size of the job.

Step 4.

Wheat Country Woodworks LLC practices Lean Manufacturing and One Piece Flow. This means that we only
order what we need for each job,(we do not have inventory),and we work material through our shop one
board at a time. This concept eliminates the wasted time and motion of stacking a part on a cart, and when
all parts are stacked up,then moving cart (with tall stack of parts on it) to the next process. Each part
gets all machining done to it,then goes straight to the finish room,then final assembly. We feel that this
technique gives you as the customer the most quality for the best value.

Step 5.

Once your cabinets are assembled and ready to go out the door, we will contact you ,and at that
time,Wheat Country Woodworks LLC requires the remainder 50% balance that is due. Once we have
received the final payment,the cabinets are yours and are ready for delivery or customer pickup. In an
effort to give each customer the best value, we offer delivery and custom installation as a separate
package. Our installers are very knowledgeable and efficient, making sure each small detail is taken care
of before leaving the job. Customers are also very welcome to pick up their cabinets and install them
themselves, saving the custom install charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered a few questions that our clients have when beginning their project with us. Check them out!

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